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ファーストチューズデー First Tuesday 10th Edition

  • The 1/3rd Café & Bar in Akihabara (map)

[English follows Japanese]

次回2月6日のファーストチューズデーではDefinition Media社のRyan Aynz社長に下記タイトルでのプレゼンテーションをして頂きます。



まず、私の自己紹介をさせていただきます。Ryan Aynzと申します。New York Cityの出身で、過去15年の間に6つの会社を起業、運営してきました。 AdWeek、Fox BusinessやBloombergなどの媒体で、最新マーケティングトレンドや市場動向についての情報を発信してきました。

弊社「Definition Media」は現在東京にもオフィスをかまえ、最新のデジタル戦略を駆使したマーケティング手法を日本企業が導入するための手助けをしております。

ファーストチューズデー は起業家と、起業を支援したい投資家




For our next First Tuesday event on February 6th, we will be hosting Definition Media Mr. Ryan Aynz / Managing Director. He will be presenting "How Startups in Japan Can Use Social Media in 2018 to Grow Their Business".

Message from Ryan for Participants:
In this presentation, I'm going to dive into how startups in the US are using social media to gain traction and users and then discuss how this can translate to Japan along with some specific examples. Definitely should be a good program for companies looking for growth in 2018.

About me: Hi, I'm Ryan Aynz. Originally from New York City, I've started 6 companies in the last 15 years, am a contributing columnist for AdWeek, and appear from time to time as an analyst on Fox Business and Bloomberg television to discuss the latest marketing trends and their impact on the market.

My company, Definition Media, now works also in Tokyo helping to bring meaning to modern marketing and brands to life in Japan using the latest digital techniques.

First Tuesday is a bilingual networking forum for start-ups, their mentors, investors and strategic advisers, held every first Tuesday of the month at The 1/3rd Café & Bar in Tokyo, Akihabara.

Grab your tickets here:
Early bird price is only ¥1,500 until January 23rd. After that, it will be the regular price of ¥2,000 !
The ticket includes 1 free drink and some light foods.
The video about First Tuesday can be seen here: