Event Summary: Social Networking and Personal Branding on the Global Stage


The Japanese-language event summary for "Social Networking and Personal Branding on the Global Stage," is now online thanks to Crossover and Zesda, the two organizations that co-hosted the event. Be sure to visit the links in the previous sentence to learn more. Read on for the seminar's three main takeaways.

Go where your "customers" are. The people you want to reach should determine how you spend your time with social media. Since most of my clients are seeking to develop relationships with professionals outside of Japan, LinkedIn should be their platform of choice. Looking to connect with Japanese people in Japan? Then, start working on a Facebook strategy.

You control your online presence. Social networking services are tools that should be used to your benefit--not the other way around. This means that you need to take control of the content that you present online. Understand privacy settings. Present the content that you want to display. Own your social network--don't let it own you.

Craft a personal brand statement for more effective networking. Having trouble networking in the "real world?" Before your next networking event, take some time to consider your personal brand. Better yet, write it down to make it stick. Not sure where to begin? There are countless articles on the topic, however, this one is a good place to start.

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