Content Roundup: Rainy Season Reading

Even the rainy season has its moments. Click the image to read   Arakicho Running: Circling the Akasaka Palace .

Even the rainy season has its moments. Click the image to read Arakicho Running: Circling the Akasaka Palace.

Here in Tokyo, we're about halfway through the rainy season. For many of us, that means spending more time indoors, despite our best efforts to enjoy spring scenery before a long, humid summer.

Why not make the most of the situation, and catch up on some of our latest articles on Arakicho and Shinjuku? Check out a few highlights below (click on the headings to view the full article).

Why Nishi-shinjuku Deserves a Spot on Your Tokyo Travel Itinerary


"Few parts of Tokyo can match the culinary options that Nishi-shinjuku has to offer. From the down-home delights of Omoide Yokocho to fine dining with magnificent views of the city, Nishi-shinjuku has something for everyone."

A Bento in the Park: The Perfect Shinjuku Lunch Break


"When the weather is pleasant and I have a little time to spare, I’ll simply pick up a bento, find a nice park, and enjoy a delicious, well-portioned meal in serene surroundings. Whether you are planning your first trip to Japan or you’ve been living here for a while, I invite you to experience this tradition as well."

American Bar & Cafe Mates: A Fusion of Western Culture in Arakicho


"Living abroad inverses your status quo—what used to be daily staples now become rare treats. Japanese food is amazing, but as my colleague David says, “Sometimes, you just want some good comfort food.”

Arakicho Running: Sprinting in Shinjuku


"According to statistics shared by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, more than 35% of Tokyo is covered in woods and forests. Shinjuku is no exception to this, and staying in Arakicho gives you convenient access to several of the city’s verdant parks. This is great news for sprinters or those who like high-intensity workouts that can be difficult to pull off among the crowds and traffic lights of an urban environment."

Bar C-Shell: Fostering Communication through Pop Culture and Fine Spirits


"Yu Makiura, owner and operator of Bar C-Shell, is on a mission. For him, a bar is much more than a place to serve up a few drinks. Makiura-san believes that a bar should be a hub for fostering communication and community. As he celebrates his 10th year in business, Bar C-Shell, located in Arakicho, Shinjuku, has come to be the true embodiment of his vision."

Toryu: Bringing the Flavors of Imabari to Araki-Cho


"Even for those of us fortunate enough to live in Japan, it’s not often that we make it out to the city of Imabari, located in Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. Thankfully, Go Masaoka, the proprietor of Toryu has brought a taste of his hometown to Arakicho, Shinjuku."

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