Event Summary: Social Networking on the Global Stage

global social networking.JPG

Last month, I gave a 30-minute version of Social Networking and Personal Branding on the Global Stage for Global Taskforce at an event in central Tokyo. This quick presentation focused primarily on social media use, emphasizing LinkedIn as a key tool for Japanese professionals who want to expand their global professional network.

As with previous versions of this presentation, the main takeaways are:

Go where your audience is. The people you want to reach should determine the social media platform that you use. Since most of my clients are seeking to develop relationships with professionals outside of Japan, LinkedIn should be their platform of choice. Looking to connect with Japanese people in Japan? Then, start working on a Facebook strategy.

You control your online presence. Social networking services are tools that should be used to your benefit--not the other way around. This means that you need to take control of the content that you present online. Understand privacy settings. Show only the content that you want the world to see. Own your social network--don't let it own you.

LinkedIn isn't just for job hunting. You'll find that your global network posts a variety of content, including updates on recent projects, business intelligence, blog posts, and breaking news. Plus, there's no better paltform to serve as a virtual rolodex.

In addition to covering social media best practices, this presentation also showcased all-star profiles of Japanese LinkedIn power users.

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